Want To Notify Viewers When You Go Live?

Let your Discord community know when you go live on Mixer (formerly Beam), Smashcast (formerly Hitbox), Twitch, or YouTube Gaming! Want to let your friends know when you publish a new YouTube Video? Want to make a list of your favorite streamers, and get notified when they go live? CouchBot does that too!

Owner (Modify Server Permission) Commands

These are the core configuration commands for CouchBot. Without some of these set, the bot will not function.

Channel Configuration (Modify Server Permission Required)
  • !cb channel announce #CHANNEL-NAME
  • !cb channel live #CHANNEL-NAME - Set channel for live content.
  • !cb channel published #CHANNEL-NAME - Set channel for published content.
  • !cb channel greetings #CHANNEL-NAME - Set greetings/goodbye channel.
  • !cb channel clear announce / ownerlive / live / ownerpublished / published / greetings / all - Clear set channels.
"Allow" Configuration (Modify Server Permission Required)
  • !cb allow mention true / false - Allow @ mentions at the start of your announcements.
  • !cb allow thumbnails true / false - Allow thumbnails
  • !cb allow live true / false - Allow live content to be announced.
  • !cb allow published true / false - Allow published content to be announced.
Message Configuration (Modify Server Permission Required)
  • !cb message live "YOUR MESSAGE HERE" - Set your own Go Live message! Variables you can use: %CHANNEL%, %TITLE%, %URL%, and %GAME% (works Twitch, Beam, and Hitbox. YouTube will put "a game" in place of the game title. API limitation :()
  • !cb message published "YOUR MESSAGE HERE" - Set your own Published Video message! Variables you can use: %CHANNEL%, %TITLE%, and %URL%
  • !cb message testlive beam / hitbox / twitch / youtube - Test the output of a specific platform.
  • !cb message testpublished - Test output of a published video.
Misc. Owner Commands
  • !cb config list - Check out your current configuration settings.
  • !cb config textannouncements true / false - Use old announcements if true, use embeds if false.
  • !cb config timezoneoffset NUMBER - Set your timezone offset from GMT. (ie: !cb config timezoneoffset -5 for EST)
  • !cb config deleteoffline true / false - If true, messages will be deleted when the user goes offline. If false, a message indicating it is now offline will be added.
  • !cb config mentionrole @ROLE-NAME - Set this to @everyone, or @YourCustomRole. This role will be announced if !cb allow mention is set to true. Please note - @here is not a valid role. This is unsusable. You can however, disable mentions .. and use @here in your custom messages. These commands can be found in the section right above this one :)
Owner Configured Notifications

Want to see when a list of your favorite streamers go live without them being in your Discord server? These commands will help you achieve your life long goals.

  • !cb streamer list - See a list of your configured streamers.
  • !cb beam add CHANNELNAME
  • !cb beam remove CHANNELNAME
  • !cb hitbox add CHANNELNAME
  • !cb hitbox remove CHANNELNAME
  • !cb twitch add CHANNELNAME
  • !cb twitch remove CHANNELNAME
  • !cb youtube add CHANNELID
  • !cb youtube remove CHANNELID
Greetings/Goodbyes Commands

Want to notify your server when people come and go?

  • !cb greetings on /off - Toggle on or off greeting notifications.
  • !cb goodbyes on /off - Toggle on or off goodbyes notifications.
  • !cb greetings set "Your Welcome Message!" - Customize your greeting. %USER% and %NEWLINE% can be used to insert the newcomers name and/or a new line.
  • !cb goodbyes set "Your Goodbye Message!" - Customize your greeting. %USER% and %NEWLINE% can be used to insert the newcomers name and/or a new line.

User Commands

User Bot Info Commands
  • !cb invite - Get an invite link for CouchBot to join your server!
  • !cb uptime - See bot uptime.
  • !cb alerts - See the # of alerts that have been sent.
  • !cb info - # of Servers, Configured Users, and Helpful links.
Misc. User Commands
  • !cb ytidlookup ChannelName - Need to lookup a YouTube Channel ID? Use this! (ie: !cb ytidlookup dawgeth)
  • !cb strawpoll create "QUESTION|CHOICE1,CHOICE2,etc|TRUE/FALSE for multi-choice"



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