Want To Notify Viewers When You Go Live?

Let your Discord community know when you go live on Mixer (formerly Beam), Mobcrush, Smashcast (formerly Hitbox), Twitch, or YouTube Gaming! Want to let your friends know when you publish a new YouTube or Vid.me Video? Want to make a list of your favorite streamers, and get notified when they go live? CouchBot does that too!

What is CouchBot?!

There are a lot of bots out there. They work great! However, my goal for CouchBot was to create a bot for me - someone who, at the time, created YouTube or Vid.me content AND livestreamed. The end result? The ever changing, and always growing CouchBot!

Livestream on these platforms?

Create recorded/edited content on these platforms?

If you said yes - then maybe.. JUST MAYBE .. this bot will fit your needs. It's VERY customizable, the community is super helpful, and we've got a lot of awesome plans for the future.

Get CouchBot on Your Server!

Over time, the bot has grown.. very big. Server costs go up, time invested in support and bug fixes, the desire to push new features, and see things become better and more reliable / stable.. I want to continue developing CouchBot, and want to continue to see him grow.

To add CouchBot to your server, you must be whitelisted with the bot. To become whitelisted, you must either become a Patron for at least $1 a month, or pay $1 a month using PayPal. In both cases, please submit your Server Ids and your Name so I can track the whitelist.

Need Help?!

There are a few great ways to get the help you need!

Or watch the video below! (Personally? I prefer the Text Tutorial above. Easier to follow.)


In an effort to better streamline the documentation process, and better help you all - I've migrated all documentation to a GitHub Wiki that will allow for faster updates, a single location for all updates and help drive you guys to a better experience! Click Here for the command list.